Cute, Cuddly, Disease Ridden Squirrels

Wildlife Removal Information for Atlanta Homeowners

Unfortunately, homeowners must sometimes contend with unwanted pests inside their homes. Animals often seek shelter in homes or storage sheds, and they’re usually not welcomed. A single animal is bad enough, but animals often come in packs. With that in mind, a homeowner should tackle this issue as quickly as possible. Certain pests require professional assistance to remove, but homeowners can tackle others. Success comes to the homeowner that uses humane and simple removal tactics.

Pest Removal

Insects: The Most Common Pests

The average person can tackle many pests on their own. For instance, ants and smaller insects don’t cause too many headaches. A homeowner might be grossed out by their presence, but these insects are easily removable. Extermination sprays will eliminate existing insects, and repellents will keep them from returning. Typically, removing insects without killing them is quite difficult. Most people opt to exterminate them for that reason because the numbers game demands lethal force here.

squirrel removal

Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, and More

On the other hand, homeowners should leave actual animals to the professionals. Insects are easy enough to tackle, but animals sometimes pose a real threat. Squirrels, raccoons, and other animals can carry diseases. Likewise, they occasionally attack unsuspecting homeowners without warning. Therefore, these critters and others are best left to professional pest removal services. Someone without experience could easily find themselves in an undesirable situation. The professionals know how to tackle evasive and dangerous pests.

Squirrels and raccoons often wriggle their way into storage sheds near humans. These animals seek out shelter and scraps of food. In most cases, they carry along disease and danger into the area, too. A professional pest removal service will often set up traps with bait to catch these critters. Each trapped animal is then removed from the property and set free elsewhere. Fortunately, squirrel removal and raccoon removal are relatively simple in today’s world.

We recommend using an established Atlanta squirrel removal service that will remove the squirrels in a safe, humane, and efficient manner. You can contact one trusted company by clicking here.

bat removal

Less Common Pests: Bat Removal

Bats pose a very real threat to homeowners in sparsely populated areas. These winged mammals often shock unsuspecting individuals that roam into their nests. Then again, the average homeowner doesn’t expect to walk into a shed and find a nest of bats. Most homeowners don’t even know how to capture bats. Luckily, professionals know exactly what they’re doing and can tackle bat removal swiftly. Once again, these animals are usually trapped and released far away.

humane squirrel removal

Pest Removal Requires a Touch of Humanity

Homeowners need to find humane ways to remove these pests and others when possible. While insects are hard to remove without exterminating them, animals are a different story. The overwhelming majority of animals can be removed without being killed. In the end, skilled pest removal services know how to handle each pest infestation in a humane manner. Some pets pose a danger to homeowners and residents, but killing them is almost always unnecessary these days.